Aku hanya manusia biasa yang mana pendapat aku mungkin benar dan mungkin salah. Maka telitilah pendapat yang aku kemukakan. Semua pendapat yang selaras dengan al-Qur’an dan al-Sunnah maka ambillah ia manakala yang tidak selaras dengan al-Qur’an dan al-Sunnah, tinggalkanlah. (Kata-kata oleh Malik Bin anas Rahimahullah, Riwayat Ibn ‘Abd al-Barr di dalam Jami’ Bayan al-Ilm, jld. 2, ms. 32)

Sunday, 23 December 2012

True Story-Dishonest Wife

Who would have thought, a certain build gentle wife, veiled loose and strong religious beliefs apparently owed lust when prepared having an illicit affair with a married man.
Consequences, he dicekup husband in wearing only pajamas without a bra and his partner naked, thus leading to the collapse of the house stairs built for 10 years.
"Obviously my prayer when in Makkah that the truth of God in my marriage be fulfilled. I do not want to embarrass ex-wife, but wanted to share that experience be a lesson to others, "said Azman, 30's

Follow confession fully Azman:
"Frankly speaking, all live with, not the least, I doubt his loyalty. I'm sure he faithful to me since our marriage on the basis of love match.
While struggling to develop the business, he became the inspiration and passion for me. Without him, I might not be able to withstand the agony in the business world.
More than that, I believe, that handsome gentle, veiled maxi strong background and religious beliefs might not make him willing to commit acts that violate the rules of Islam.
He treated me with full responsibility as a wife. I demand anything he will fulfill.
We grew happier when given a son who is now nine years old.
However, when my business grow and attain our family fun, there friends told never see my wife with another man in a suspicious manner.
At that time I did not believe it directly and as a result I wrestle with friends who communicate it.
Nevertheless, the story of my wife infidelity never end because there just delivered it to my friends.
Among the most annoying is that some said, my wife confessed that she had parted ways with me.
In such a situation, I am still patient and remove doubts against his. I still treated him well and at the same time he also was.
In Ramadan last year, my umrah to Mecca and in front of the Temple I pray that God continues to strengthen ties between me and the wife. At the same time I also pray to Allah to show the truth if there is a shortfall in my household.
Return from Mecca, I present wife Kokka wood bracelet. Soon after telling friends, men who said having an illicit affair with my wife there wearing the same bracelet.
What is presented is true, for my friends without my knowledge, my wife presented the ring to the man.
I was upset but because feelings are still thick, I do not know.
However, on a night when my prayer God Granted I like the given clues about her infidelity.
Somehow, when the car suddenly damaged my usual use sudden and I back home by another car.
Not as usual, I came home a little early. When I arrived home, I catch a glimpse of a man out of the back door and lock it.
Pelting my blood at the time and by using all nature is, I managed to catch and arrest him.
Apparently, he is a guy like my friend described. In a situation with no clothes, dragged me into the house and then my wife in a tangle, wearing pajamas without a bra. I check the room and found the bed 'uncluttered'.
Unconsciously, my tears flowed, and this proves that told a friend over the years. It is clear, my wife cheating. If with another man in the house in a suspicious manner, what would they do if not committing sins?
However, as the innocent, both of which do a straight face. Wife gives ground the man came to the house because she wanted to correct pipe.
When examined, it turns out my wife lied when pipes are not damaged my home and the man did not lead plumbing equipment.
In addition, men had entered the house by hiding the car parked off the grounds of the house.
Wide-open with their reaction, I take them to the police station and make a report. Least they do not show fear. Eventually they were released after their families guaranteed.
Since then, we sit separately until we divorced recently. I got custody of the children.
Thinking back, what's wrong with me until she was willing to do so. Want to give me anything. In fact one time he used to say to my family members, he did not know what to buy anymore because things may had.
My family was disappointed, especially my mother. He is the beloved son-in-law, but what happened really surprised.
Family ex-wife was putting the blame on my shoulders. They described me too jealous.
I wonder, is it me doing evil ex-wife with another man and my own need to be forgiven their captors? "

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